What Clients are Saying

 I met with Lisa 6 days ago about a continuous sharp pain that extended from my left gluteal all the way down my leg. She was quick to diagnose three causes and cleared two up right away – when I left it was easier to move but still painful. She sent me home with instructions to follow for the next 5 days to continue the relief and get rid of the final cause. By the 5th day the pain had almost completely dissipated! I’m amazed at what my body was able to tell her about me through her energy practice and at how quickly I got relief from something that has been bothering me for months now.  I highly recommend a visit to her !

“Our son developed eczema at 6 months right as spring was approaching. His skin was incredibly raw and itchy, especially in the spring and summer months. We tried loads of creams, diets, soaps, Doctors and Naturopaths, with no long term fix. We met with Lisa in the spring of 2016 when he was 2 and still experiencing these symptoms on the back of his knees, arms, face and neck. She managed to figure out what was causing it and how to clear it up. He is now 3, it is June 2017 and his skin has looked and felt amazing with Lisa’s help since December! I would highly recommend seeing Lisa, and am so happy we found her and she’s given us something that has finally worked!” 


At 20 weeks with my 4th pregnancy, I was still experiencing symptoms of morning sickness.  Within 3 days of my energy medicine treatment, my nausea had disappeared and my appetite improved


I had many health issues over the years, including high blood pressure, which lead to a mild stroke in 1998 ( at 37 –  who has a stroke so young?), female health issues which lead to a complete hysterectomy, Hashimotos’ disease (thyroid). 

As part of my job, I am away from home as much as 75% of the time.  On one of my trips in January 2016, my back was causing severe pain due to osteoarthritis. I resigned myself that along with my blood pressure medications I would soon be prescribed anti-inflammatory medications and I felt so defeated.  I imagined that at almost 55 years old, I was becoming the person who couldn’t be active with young grandchildren, take hikes, be outdoors and at worst have to use a cane, walker, etc.  So I came up with the idea – there has to be something/someone out there to help me that did not involve “conventional” ways aka western medicine.  I also needed to find a way to deal with all the inner demons that I had (feeling of inadequacy, despair, and exhaustion of giving all of me to others, how to say no, how to be selfish without being selfish). 

My first interaction with Lisa was via a telephone conversation, which I thought would be a fifteen minute conventional doctor like appointment, where Lisa would do the nodding, half listening, not caring about me.  Man was I wrong! An hour on the phone, taking down details of my journey to her, what I thought I wanted out of my experience/interaction with her etc.  I was literally flying high when I got off the phone, thinking “finally someone who gets me and is interested in me.”


Lisa is an inspiration to me in the way she approaches life in general, people (seeing each of us as individuals – hence treating as such). Her approach is not cookie cutter but individual.  The knowledge and insight she has provided me is beyond description

I would recommend that anyone reading this to open their mind and body to the option that homeopathy offers alone or with conventional medicine – it can do amazing things for you mentally and physically”.