What to expect during your appointment:

Lisa uses a combination of modalities to balance the body for symptom resolution and better health. Muscle testing, in conjunction with the BodyCode system, is used to identify underlying imbalances within the body which contribute to symptoms and therefore disease. Energy medicine, healing sound frequencies and homeopathy are used to bring the body into balance and eliminate these imbalances

Initial Consultation

Your 120 minute initial consultation will include a comprehensive history taking and physical assessment. Areas explored include diet, exercise, stress, sleep and illness prevention. Underlying imbalances that cause illness and disease will be identified. Homeopathic remedies and lifestyle changes will be recommended based on individual needs and goals.

Adult 150

Child 100

Follow up Consultation

Your‎ 60 minute consultation further explores and corrects the underlying imbalances causing symptoms in your body. Homeopathic remedies and lifestyle changes recommended as needed. This appointment type is for existing clients only.



Quick Visit

Feeling under the weather and have only ONE concern that needs addressing?  

This quick, 30 minute consultation includes a physical assessment, remedies and recommendations to get you feeling better in a hurry! This appointment type is for existing clients only.